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Anthropometric database of the 5th, 50th, 95th percentiles body in sitting and standing positions

A database of human body measurements from different people has been created.
This acquisition includes external dimensions (skin shape) but also internal (bones) in both sitting and standing position.
These data where collected during the European project HUMOS 2 (Development of a set of Human Models for Safety 2, 2002-2006).
Data were acquired on 64 asymptomatic human volunteers belonging to the following groups:
  • 5th percentile females (small females): 16 subjects (mean age: 32.5 (SD 11.6) years)
  • 50th percentile males (middle-sized males): 33 subjects (mean age: 27 (SD 4.8) years)
  • 95th percentile males (tall males): 15 subjects (mean age: 33.5 (SD 11.1) years)
Reference: Bertrand S., Skalli W., Delacherie L., Bonneau D., Kalifa G. and Mitton D.: External and internal geometry of European adults. Ergonomics, Vol. 49, No. 15, pp. 1547-1564, 2006.

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